Centrifuges 16 branches

Laboratory centrifuges, a laboratory equipment that uses centrifugal force to spin the curtain fluid samples with very high speed. Depending on the size and capacity of centrifuges there. Speed of centrifuges due to centrifugal energy to the sample to be measured, usually in units of revolutions per minute (RPM) is measured. Centrifuged particle sedimentation rate depends on the size and shape of particles, centrifugal acceleration, the volume fraction of solids, liquids particle density differences and viscosity. When a suspension is placed in a centrifuge solids are deposited at the bottom of a test tube, causing a wall to be mixed. The wall causes  the superficial liquid or the supernatant to be separated easily from the suspension. During centrifugation, the door is locked. The closed doors that protect against collisions with rotors spinning at high speed. Rotor door and rotor chamber are designed so that in case of breaking the pipes, even at maximum speed, no danger does not threaten individual users.

  • Steel body with proper thickness
  • Steel doors and double glazing
  • temperature sensor, thermometer
  • Intelligent system speed stability
  • Vibration sensors
  • Speed Limit
  • Electric locks and doors with jack
  • Automatic opening door system when finished
  • Unlocked in case of power failure and emergency guarantee
  • One Year Warranty device even in the event of power fluctuations
  • 5 years after sales of Novin Tashkhis service
  • Privileged exchange program detects Novin devices with newer versions
  • In accordance with the National Standards Agency and the Department of Medical Equipment
  • Confirmation of the accredited laboratory and hospital centers
  • Body design, components and electronic boards recognize all the Novin companies

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  • Has 2 memory key to store the distance and time, for fast user devices
  • In two sizes, 16 branches and 24 branches for the center with different workload even when the device is moving.
  • Tuning system of time and RPM, even when the device is moving
  • rpm to 4,000 revolutions per minute and up to 99 minutes.
  • Permanent Technical and electronic system designed to work with specific roles to more than 12 hours continuously
  • System performance even at high speeds without the noise and noise during operation
  • Rotor detection systems and smart weight diagnosis
  • Washing system inside the machine along with sewages and engine protection system and electronic components
  • Tachometer calibration system with no need to send the device to the manufacturer
  • Smart stop systems, stop the engine if the device which prevents normal movement.
  • The use of plastic instead of rubber base for good adhesion to different surfaces
  • Motor protection systems and electronic components if the temperature rises too
Center Name City

Nanotechnology researchers laboratory tehran
danesh laboratory khoi
atbin laboratory tehran
albert laboratory tehran
dr nikkhah laboratory kashan
kian laboratory karaj
dr ilaghi laboratory qaem shahr
dr jafari laboratory qeshm
teb rayaneh laboratory gilan
valiasr laboratory eslam shahr
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