With Cytofuge of Novin company, the Liquid Based Pap Smear tests will not be costly. Today, the old methods of Pap smear (Conventional) gradually forgotten and are replaced with new methods. Liquid Based Pap test done increases the accuracy in detecting anomalies is possible. So far this method in our country due to lack of compliance costs and profit margins laboratory, was possible only for large centers, But now, after designing and manufacturing Cytofuge in the Novin company all laboratories will be able to recruit the reference method.



  • Steel body with proper thickness
  • Steel doors and double glazing
  • temperature sensor, thermometer
  • Intelligent system speed stability
  • Vibration sensors
  • Speed Limit
  • Electric locks and doors with jack
  • Automatic opening door system when finished
  • Unlocked in case of power failure and emergency guarantee
  • One Year Warranty device even in the event of power fluctuations
  • 5 years after sales of Novin Tashkhis service
  • Privileged exchange program detects Novin devices with newer versions
  • In accordance with the National Standards Agency and the Department of Medical Equipment
  • Confirmation of the accredited laboratory and hospital centers
  • Body design, components and electronic boards recognize all the Novin companies

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  • Two devices in one: with 16 branches centrifuge 4000 RPM with electronic components separate
  • Can carry out all cytology tests such as the Liquid base Pap Smear, CSF, FNA, cytology, urine, pleural effusion, ascites, some Serologic tests and various other experiments
  • Working speed: every 5 minutes and 12 slides Mono layer, clean and without confounding factors
  • Savings in time, manpower and costs
  • Funnel separately for small samples of cells and multicellular samples
  • Remove all expensive solutions of cell processing such as Cell base and Cell clean
  • Maintaining the quality and efficiency of health of cells and cell number
  • Tuning system of time and RPM, even when the device is moving
  • Rotor detection systems and smart weight diagnosis
  • Washing system inside the machine along with sewages and engine protection system and electronic components
  • Tachometer calibration system with no need to send the device to the manufacturer
Center Name City

shahr ara clinic laboratory tehran
mehr hospital laboratory tehran
erfan hospital laboratory tehran
mostofi laboratory tehran
fajr laboratory sari
razi laboratory qom
roshd laboratory tehran
wilson laboratoy tehran
dolat abad laboratory shahr e rey
valiasr laboratory eslam shahr
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